Are you looking for a way to confidently and effectively build your business?

Heartfelt Ai and the Heartfelt Tools will Build and AUTOMATE just about every aspect of your business.

Everything from building your offers to writing your email campaigns and marketing will be DONE FOR YOU in your tone of voice. Simply copy/paste and get to helping MORE people with your business!

  • Automated funnels and workflows

  • Unlimited team members and clients

  • Beautiful ready-made landing pages and templates

  • Powerful nurture and retargeting systems

  • SMS/voice/ social and email campaigns

  • Course building / LMS

  • Social media Planner

  • Invoice/payment creator

  • Full referral manager

  • Full Booking system with no show and follow-ups

  • Mobile app to keep up with all your leads

  • Oh and it’s a CRM too!

  • The 60+ (and growing) Heartfelt Ai tools to put put it all together for you!


Use the Heartfelt Ai to create your entire strategy and content. Everything from your bio to your courses and memberships will be done for you.


Run what you have created by your coach for personalized support and review. You can use the Facebook Group and our weekly sessions to hash things out and keep you in the right mindset and flow state!


Choose from the hundreds of website, funnel, form and email templates.

Use our drag-and-drop builders to copy/paste your Heartfelt Ai output to create landing pages that convert traffic to leads and clients!


Convert Leads With Robust Proven Workflows and Automations

Build custom nurture workflows that send text messages, emails, etc so you can stay connected and nurture your people from the heart.


Converse With Leads & Customers In One Place

Keep track of conversations whether they happen via SMS email, phone calls, or Facebook / Instagram / Google Business messages.


Manage Your Pipelines With The CRM System

Don't let anyone fall through the cracks. See your sales pipeline easily, simply and clearly and move clients through your pipeline automatically or through simple drag and drop.


Advanced Booking System

Full booking system including advanced abilities like that keep both your and your people organized and connected.


EASY Email Builder And Smart Contacts Lists

Create beautiful template emails and send them to any segmented list either automatically through workflows or one-off bulk emails based on “smart lists”. Take the guess work out of not only what to write, but how to get it out there!


Learning Management System & Course Builder

Imagine you can create courses branded to you teaching your audience about your services or products for FREE!

Not only that but you can track how far they are into your course and send emails and SMS to keep them engaged!


Create Recurring Or One-Time Invoices

With our incredible and professional invoicing software, you can create one-time or recurring (subscription services anyone?) invoices for your business.

Our clean and beautiful templates can be sent via email or SMS and if unpaid, you can send custom follow-ups to ensure that you get paid on time!


Social Posting + Referral Marketing Manager

Our Newest features allow you to

post on multiple social platforms
just like including:

Facebook pages and owned groups Twitter Instagram Linkedin + groups Tiktok Google My Business.

AND Now we offer you the power to
create referral marketing links, giving you the ability to have your own army of referrals - Ambassadors are AMAZING!

Lets Not Forget About the Savings this Platform Has For You!

Go ahead and cancel EVERYTHING.









done with that too.

ALL of the things...



Let's Get Started!

Build, Market and Run Your Entire Business w/ Heartfelt Ai!


Have all of the now 180+ Heartfelt Ai tools to help you build everything from your state of the art website to your funnels, offers, and memberships.

Click here to learn more about the Ai tools.

Use all of the business and marketing tools:

  1. 1. Social Planner


- Efficiently plan and schedule social media posts to engage with your audience.

- Save on third-party social media scheduling tools.

2. Invoicing/Recurring Billing


- Simplify the invoicing process and get paid faster.

- Eliminate the need for separate invoicing software.
-Auto-bill for recurring subscriptions.

-Create recurring income!

3. Calendar Management


- Efficiently schedule appointments and avoid double bookings.

- Eliminate expenses associated with separate calendar tools such as Calendly.

4. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


- Manage and nurture client relationships effectively.

- Avoid costs associated with standalone CRM systems.

5. Opportunities Tracking


- Monitor sales opportunities and improve conversion rates.

- Save money on separate sales tracking tools.

6. Email Marketing


- Promote your services through targeted email campaigns.

- Eliminate the need for standalone email marketing services such as MailChimp.

7. Forms Creation


- Create custom forms to gather client information.

- Save on subscription costs for separate form builder tools.

8. Surveys


- Collect feedback and insights to improve services.

- Avoid spending on separate survey tools.

9. Trigger Links


- Automate actions based on specific triggers, improving efficiency.

- Save time and money by replacing separate and confusing trigger-based software such as Zapier.

10. SMS & Email Templates


- Quickly send out templated messages and emails.

- Eliminate expenses for separate template creation tools or copywriting services.

11. Funnels (Sales & Marketing)


- Build sales funnels to convert leads into clients.

- Avoid the need for additional funnel-building tools such as Click Funnels.

12. Website Building and Management


- Easily create and maintain your website without hiring developers.

- Save on web design and development costs.

13. Workflows Automation


- Automate repetitive tasks and streamline your processes.

- Spend your time and energy on high level CEO tasks


14. Memberships And Course Management


- Offer membership-based services and manage clients efficiently.

- Avoid costs associated with separate membership management platforms such as Kajabi.

15. Comprehensive Reporting


- Access in-depth analytics to make informed business decisions.

- Save on subscriptions to standalone reporting and analytics tools.

16. Triggers (Automated Actions)


- Set up automated actions for various scenarios, saving time and resources.

- Eliminate the need for separate automation software.

17. Campaign Management


- Plan, execute, and track marketing campaigns.

- Save on expenses for standalone campaign management platforms.

18. Blogging Platform


- Create and manage a blog to engage your audience and establish expertise.

- Avoid costs related to external blogging platforms.

19. Affiliate Manager


- Set up and manage an affiliate program to expand your reach.

- Save money by eliminating the need for costly and confusing affiliate management software.

20. Proposals & Estimates


- Create professional proposals and estimates to win clients.

- Reduce the time between when a prospect shows interest and when they become a client.

21. Community Building Management


- Foster a community around your business to enhance client loyalty.

- Avoid confusion and distraction by removing your people from social media and bringing them to a dedicated home for their transformation.


FREE when you sign up for Heartfelt Ai

Add On: Done For You Migration


If you have everything from Kajabi courses to MailChimp campaigns - HootSuite to Wordpress ...

This is for you.

We will personally migrate what you have and make it make sense all in one place for you.

(up to 4 platforms can be migrated at this introductory rate. If more platforms are needing to be migrated we can have a heart to heart.)


$2,222 one time fee

Add On: 30 Day Intensive Coaching and Done For You Business Building


In 30 days you will have everything you need from offers and funnels to a website and automations built 100% for you.

Your business and your marketing will be tailor made just for you during our 1:1 sessions throughout the 30 days.

Click here for more details.


Rates start at $4,444 to build a 5 page website, lead magnet, marketing strategy and automations.

Q: What exactly is Heartfelt AI?

A: Heartfelt AI is a cutting-edge Ai technology developed by Jessa Grace, designed to empower businesses through emotional intelligence and deep human connection. It’s an AI-driven system that helps you to understand and respond to and support customer emotions, enhancing your interactions and fostering deeper connections.

Q: What kind of technology powers Heartfelt AI?

A: Heartfelt AI combines natural language processing (NLP) with sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms. This enables it to comprehend emotions, language nuances, and context within conversations. This technology is married with all of the teachings, sessions, retreats, books, and courses that Jessa has created over the last 15 years to create a powerful yet simple Ai for you and your business. 

Q: Is there a significant time commitment needed for integrating Heartfelt AI?

A: Integrating Heartfelt AI is designed to be efficient and streamlined. The time commitment varies based on the complexity of integration and customization needs. Typically, it involves initial setup, training, and ongoing optimization. If you choose to implement it all yourself, you can have the entire system set up within a week or so instead of months with other programs. There are also options to have it all done with and for you that includes deep 1:1 coaching. 

Q: Does Heartfelt AI come with coaching or support for businesses utilizing it?

A: Yes, Heartfelt AI includes coaching and support services. Jessa Grace's model emphasizes not just the technology itself but also the guidance needed to leverage it effectively. This includes training for and ongoing support on a weekly basis. You will be invited to weekly group coaching sessions, have a 1:1 on-boarding session with Jessa, and have the opportunity to set up further 1:1 sessions as well. 

Q: How does Heartfelt AI ensure privacy and data security?

A: Privacy and data security are paramount. Heartfelt AI adheres to industry-standard security protocols, including encryption and strict data access controls, ensuring customer data remains protected at all times.

Q: Can Heartfelt AI be customized to fit specific business needs or industries?

A: Absolutely, Heartfelt AI is designed to be adaptable. It can be tailored to suit specific business requirements, industry nuances, and even customized to reflect brand values and tone. If having your own Ai for your business and brand excites you be sure to ask about our White Label options. 

Q: What are the tangible benefits businesses can expect from adopting Heartfelt AI?

A: Businesses can look forward to deeper connections, quicker conversion rates, improved retention rates, more free time, and deeper insights into the emotions and needs of your people, ultimately leading to momentum and reliability from and in your business and life.

Q: Is Heartfelt AI compatible with various communication channels (e.g., chat, email, social media)?

A: Yes, Heartfelt AI is adaptable and can seamlessly integrate with multiple communication channels, ensuring a consistent emotional intelligence-driven approach across platforms. If you have multiple channels and are feeling flustered, Heartfelt Ai also offers each of these tools at a fraction of the cost. Every tool you use for your business can be replaced by Heartfelt AI, saving you time, money and effort in all areas of growing your business. 

Q: What kind of training or onboarding is provided for the staff to effectively use Heartfelt AI?

A: Heartfelt AI comes with comprehensive support. This includes weekly sessions for guidance on interpreting the emotional insights you will receive about your people, utilizing the AI system effectively, and integrating empathy into customer interactions.

Q: How does Heartfelt AI assist in building long-term customer relationships?

A: Heartfelt AI helps foster emotional connections by understanding and responding to customers' emotions. Heartfelt Ai has a specific tool to help you to deliver  empathetic support as it contributes to building trust and long-term relationships.

Q: Can I have my own AI for my business?

A: Yes, a popular option is to have an AI built specifically for your business. Whether it is network marketing, coaching or mentoring… an AI can be created for your business that will keep your vision true, your processes perfect, and your clients happier than ever. Reach out to Jessa to discuss your options and opportunities!